Accent Modification

At English Onsite we use the most effective, trusted and results-driven accent modification method available: the Compton-Pronouncing English as a Second Language Program. This proven method makes modification of foreign or regional accents simple.

Accent training will help if:

  • You are asked to repeat yourself
  • You are being misunderstood
  • Your accent may be interfering with your professional or personal life

What can you expect from this program?

  • An interview and audio recording of your speech
  • An individualized training program
  • A comprehensive set of practice materials
  • 13 hours of individual training (longer for groups)
  • An audio recorded reevaluation upon completion to provide an objective measure of success
  • At least a 60% improvement in your accent
  • Significantly increased confidence while speaking English

Profession-specific training

Your Accent Modification program can be tailored to the job-specific language necessary to communicate effectively at work.

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