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Business Communication

The Harvard Business Review rated the ability to communicate
“the most important factor in making an executive promotable.”
They ranked it more important that ambition, education and hard work.

An Outlook Survey by the National Association of College and Employers reported that the #1 skill employers want from their new hires is “the ability to verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization.”

Speak and Write with Confidence, Impact, and Authority

Many professional businesses attract the best and brightest talent from all over the world. English Onsite can help corporations identify which areas of communication training may benefit both their non-native and native English speaking staff. Significant improvements can be achieved in a short amount of time.

  • Give effective presentations (presentation rehearsal with feedback available)
  • Increase voice projection and clarity
  • Improve non-verbal communication
  • Use professional vocabulary
  • Conduct successful feedback meetings with staff
  • Make small talk with ease
  • Participate easily in discussions at work
  • Develop excellent writing skills for emails and professional reports

See why companies such as Novartis, Fidelity Investments, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield have trusted English Onsite with their communication training needs.

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