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“Your English as a Second Language classes are wonderful. Every week we learn so many new things like new vocabulary, grammar, expressions, and ways to begin, continue, and end conversations. First we learn the new lessons and then we practice in short conversations. We even learned how to small talk. I always look forward to my Thursday English classes. We learn a lot, and laughing is always part of our class!”
-Healthcare Worker, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, from Colombia

“The Business Communication and Accent Improvement course that English Onsite taught at our company was excellent. Some of the topics that we asked them to cover included listening skills, giving presentations, vocabulary, idioms, writing, and conversation skills like politely interrupting and handling conflicts. We were from three different countries, but each of us had our own, individualized pronunciation program. Each week we had a group class followed by an individual session. We enjoyed the course and learned lots of practical information. Our pronunciations was much better at the end of the course. I highly recommend the training from English Onsite.”
-Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments, from Russia

“My career depends on my ability to communicate. My Chinese accent was very strong before I took the pronunciation course from English Onsite. I had many sounds to work on and learned about three a week. I practiced medical terminology in particular. After about a month I began saying some of my corrected sounds automatically. It took three months to finish the course. At the end of the course I was saying most of English sounds correctly in my conversations. I still have a Chinese accent, but much less and people understand me better. This was a very important course for me. The results were powerful. I also took a grammar course form English Onsite. Both courses were excellent. My schedule was highly irregular and English Onsite accommodated it and sometimes worked with me very late at night. I would not have been able to take the lessons if they had not come to the hospital. I recommend English Onsite courses to any foreign professional.”
-Neurosurgeon, Boston, MA, from China

“Although English is a first language of mine, it is not my mother tongue, so I spoke with a strong Indian accent. The accent improvement course taught me which sounds I was saying incorrectly. I also learned which words I was pronouncing correctly yet saying with a different stress. My intonation also needed some attention. I was surprised how once I knew which sounds needed to be fixed, I could easily correct them. Now I am much more aware and I believe that although the course is finished, I will continue to make further improvements. At the end my evaluation showed I had made an 81% improvement in my pronunciation. This is a great course for anyone who wants to improve their English Speaking skills to an excellent level.”
-Senior Software Engineer, Burlington, MA, from India

“Thank you so much for everything! I am thrilled with the success of the course. Miguel is doing exceptionally well in his new role as Billing Representative. As you know, his new job requires him to be on the telephone 100% of the day. This course has truly been a tremendous help to him. I have not heard even one complaint from anyone (internal or external) on Miguel’s communication skills! And believe me, I would hear if there were a problem. This course gave Miguel so much confidence that he now handles difficult calls like a seasoned veteran. I’m extremely pleased. Given the success we’ve enjoyed, we may be doing it again with more employees. I’ll be certain to be in touch if and when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you again.”
-Billing Department Manager, Safety Insurance, Boston, MA

“I truly appreciated the passion and professionalism that you consistently displayed while working here. In their evaluations, students frequently rated you as their favorite teacher because you challenged and inspired them! I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future and I wish you the very best. Thank you!”
-Director of English Language Institute, Boston, MA